I'm a husband, dad, and a long-time student of the personal journey of faith in the United States. I work to glean helpful information on forward-thinking faith, to bring you new ways to keep going spiritually.


Sometimes it’s such a struggle. Maybe you feel “in-between” things, and maybe you’ve lost your faith as you knew it. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with you, and you can find an authentic way forward. There's so much to discover, and I hope you'll find some of it here. 

I myself have spent most of my life in this same struggle. One way or another, so many of us have. In my case, I brought my religious upbringing to the disciplines of psychology, sociology, and history (PhD, Drew University). This journey led me to so much rich information, ideas that go beyond the usual theological debates.

I can’t believe how helpful it’s been. Who we are is so incredibly conditioned by so many factors of which we too easily remain unaware. The language of our faith is extraordinarily embedded in personality, place, and time. Staying true to the simple teachings our tradition is hard.


Learning about the factors that shape our lives helps you understand that it’s not just you who struggles. We’re all in this together, and it’s completely possible to learn and grow. It’s possible to know more about how you can slowly move forward to find meaning and value in ways that are honest, responsible, and welcoming.


I will continue to put language to this way of looking at things. Please subscribe and check back for more as time goes on.


More on me:


I’m a preacher’s kid with a PhD in religious studies who unexpectedly wound up in book publishing. My identity as a scholar is connected to psychology and religion (especially Erik Erikson), but is also influenced by the sociology of religion, and the history of religion in the US. I still read some pretty obscure books, among others.


I’ve worked in publishing for more than 25 years, and always worked on a lens that helps me see how religion causes us to be healthy humans, and sometimes not. A faith that draws us together in love has always been the mission behind my everyday publishing work, including content development, responding to cultural and marketplace needs, and bringing positive change. That's why I value strong communication, relationship, empowering others, humility, integrity, and transparency.

I was VP and Publisher for Zondervan Books, part of HarperCollins, and before that I worked for the book division of Guideposts magazine. I've worked on numerous national bestsellers and books that drive conversations and help people grow. There's more of my professional background on LinkedIn.


I'm currently consulting with authors and publishers. I enjoy helping organizations further their mission, and working with authors who are on the leading edge of a movement that points us toward hope, insight, and a deepened awareness of ourselves and our world.

I especially enjoy helping new voices create and publish content with fresh meaning for today's world. I'm especially engaged in coaching, agenting, and consulting with authors on every level so they better understand publishing and how they have more power than ever to make an impact. I help them focus their digital footprint, how to strategically place their writing, and what readers need to (not just want to) hear.


I've had the chance to live in Indiana, Southern California, Virginia, New Jersey, and now in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm a husband to an amazing wife, and a father to two incredibly adult daughters. I also sometimes bike, volunteer, play a little guitar, and am on Chess.com as davidrmorris.​ I'm a fan of Americana music, grew up with 80s music in high school, and a forever romantic for 60s and 70s music (links to Spotify playlists).

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