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I'm a long-time student of the personal journey of faith in the United States, but professionally I'm a publisher at Lake Drive Books, literary agent at Hyponymous Consulting, and author. After more than 25 years of publishing, I apply my know-how in helping authors who are helping us express ourselves and understand our world.


My goal is to remain focused on authors who desire to be entrepreneurs for hope. I meet authors where they are, and help them find their way to take the next best steps. 

My professional background started in academia (PhD, Drew University). It was a journey that led to so much rich information and evocative ideas.

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​I can’t believe how helpful it’s been. Who we are is so incredibly conditioned by so many factors of which we too often remain unaware. The language of our spirituality and culture is so embedded in personality, place, and time. Staying true to the simple teachings of our tradition is hard.


Learning about what shapes our lives helps you understand that it’s not just you who struggles. We’re all in this together, and it’s completely possible to learn and grow. 


I’ve tried to work in publishing with a lens that sees how religion causes us to be healthy and sometimes not. A faith that draws us together has always been the mission behind my publishing work, including content development, responding to marketplace needs, and bringing positive change. That's why I value strong communication, relationship, empowering others, humility, integrity, and transparency.

I was the publisher for Zondervan Books, part of HarperCollins, and before that editorial director for the books division of Guideposts magazine. I've worked on numerous bestsellers and books that drive conversations and help people grow.


I've had the chance to live in Indiana, Southern California, Virginia, New Jersey, and now in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm a husband to an amazing wife, and a father to two incredibly adult daughters. I also sometimes run, bike, swim, volunteer, and play a little guitar.​


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